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Mida Creek

Mangroves Forest

Explore the Mangroves Forest

July - April

In the area south of Watamu, waters of the Indian Ocean have created a unique inlet and famous worldwide, called Mida Creek. The waters are channelled in the hinterland for about 5 km and forms a labyrinth of watercourses that make a unique eco-system.

The stunning mangrove forest is a natural habitat for many species of fishes and birds.

These enchanting places are deeply immersed in nature and the presence of man is rare. Thanks to Unesco, Mida Creek becomes part of the Bird International Zone as well as being part of the Watamu Marine Park.

We are now offering the chance to visit the various canals, where mangrove trees intertwine and form a suggestive landscape surrounded by the sounds of the deepest nature. In accordance with the tides and the weather, we decide the day and time to set out for 2/3 hours, with a short stop for a break on the beach, where a local community offers guests drinks and exotic fruits.

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Watamu Marine Park

Create your own connection with the Ocean!

October - April

Garoda beach in Watamu with an expanse of soft and white sand, is one of the most beautiful beach in Watamu. It is famous for its sand bar that reach up to a hundred meters from the shore created by the low tide peaks.

We therefore offer the possibility of starting with the SUP from this beach in the early hours of the morning in accordance with the currents and winds, thus arriving in some points where you can practice snorkelling, enjoying the spectacular underwater landscape of the Indian Ocean, dotted with corals and colourful tropical fish species.

You can also enjoy the opportunity to sit in silence in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by schools of fish and with a little luck, spot some sea turtles. The excursion duration is about 2 hours.

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